Please Don’t forget to order Rice and/or Breads separately, AND

Specify food to be mild, mild+,medium, medium+, Hot or Very Hot



  • Hotel Deliveries available- Kindly meet driver at Lobby

  • Please do specify your accurate zip code when ordering for delivery.

  • For all delivery inquiries, Please call the restaurant at 818-509-0722 or fax us at 818-509-0830

  • Our Delivery normally averages out to about 45 mins to an hour at max.(Unless Otherwise Specified)

  • If you are ordering on Friday, Saturday or Sunday- We would like to receive your order at least an hour ahead of your desired delivery arrival time- to better serve you in rush hours.

  • Gangadin’s food and services are awesome and we get storms of customers in all forms- many times simultaneously; thus your patience is really appreciated.